4, 5 funniest Aspects of Japanese culture

How are you guys? Recently the weather is too cold, isn’t it? Be careful not to get a cold. So this time, we will show you ‘5 funniest Aspects of Japanese Culture’ There are many interesting and funny things in Japan. Let’s see some of them!


1.A lot of sweets

There are a lot of sweets in Japan. So if you love sweets and come to Tokyo, You will definitely have to go to おかしのまちおか There are SO many types of chocolates, gummies, snacks…. Also you can see the rare version of sweets that you couldn’t find in normal food shops in Japan!

おかしのまちおか is almost in Tokyo, and around Tokyo but you sometimes can see the shop in other states too. Just check the web site.
We will also show you 2 types of funny Japanese sweets this time.

(1) ねるねるねるね


This is the answer of my picture what I was eating in instagram haha
So actually these sweets are for kids and not so tasty, but of course not a bad taste. Maybe the process is fun for kids.

Official web site and this is the contents!

(2) Pocky


Pocky is as known as Mikado in England. In Japan, Every 11th November is ポッキーの日 ”Pocky day” Many Japanese buy it and some people do the amazing and beautiful challenge.

50098-04(sourse http://tabizine.jp/2015/11/11/50098/2/)


(sourse NEVERまとめ)


2.A lot of famous people


Somehow there are a lot of actors, musicians, idols, models, comedians… In Japan. For example, do you know AKB48? Most Japanese don’t know how many people have joined the group. So I searched. At the moment, this group and related groups have 413 girls! Wow….. SO MANY! But this is only AKB related groups. So there are a lot of other idol groups in Japan.

These idol group business systems are common here. This is the one of funniest cultures in Japan.

Idols and Celebrity in Japanese Media Culture

3. They like ramen!

Do you like Ramen? There are 35,330 ramen shops in Japan! So Japanese people really like ramen. They don’t care about having to wait to eat ramen. If it’s one of the more popular shops, you must wait 1-2 hours.


If you want to know more about ramen, check this site!


4. Wearing surgical mask

Have you ever wondered why Japanese people always wear a surgical mask?
Like this. This is kind of weird, right? But there are some reasons for it

(1)To protect from virus and pollen
Many Japanese people have Hay fever! Spring is a terrible foe to them.
(2)To hide their face
Some people have insecurities about their face and choose to hide it.


5.Strict for time


Have you ever been to japan? Then you must know how strict about time they can be. If a train will be late, if only by a minute, the train’s conductor will announce “I’m sorry we will be late by a minute than the time scheduled, I’m so sorry”

If you work in Japan and were late by a minute, or a second. Your boss may get angry at you and say “You have to come here 10 mins before the scheduled time, at the least!”


Tokyo Geek’s Guide: Manga, Anime, Gaming, Cosplay, Toys, Idols and More

That’s all for ‘5 funniest Aspects of Japanese Culture’ 🙂

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