3, 5 tips for learning Japanese


It’s Lily and Elliot. This time, We will give you 5 tips for learning Japanese. These blogs are usually linked with Japanese versions but this time this article is about Japanese language, The Japanese article is about English language (pronunciations)

So that makes today special. Let’s check it out!


1. Learn Hiragana and Katakana

Of course this is the most basic and important thing. These are my recommend web sites. Check it out and write them down in your note book!

Hiragana learning No1  /  Hiragana learning No2 

And then remember the “related word” For example,

あ → 「あひる」

い → 「いす」

う → 「うみ」

Like this. You can download from This Japanese site. Maybe you will be able to learn Katakana in a short time frame, but it’s not a good idea. The first month, just learn Hiragana only and repeat it

Hiragana From Zero!: The Complete Japanese Hiragana Book, with integrated workbook and answer key: Volume 1 (Japanese Writing From Zero!)

There are 3 types of writing systems in Japanese. All Japanese can write Hiragana and Katakana at the least. So this is very important for studying Japanese. If you briefly remember them and learn them at the same time, then you will most likely forget some of the characters. Don’t be in a hurry! You need a strong foundation!

well, Quick question!

Can you read these Hiragana characters?

あいす いぎりす かんがるー くいず すきー ちーず のーと ふらんす めきしこ よーぐると わいん

If you can, then you don’t need to learn Hiragana anymore. Let’s learn Katakana next! If you couldn’t, go back the page and learn Hiragana again. Or If you thought “Why are those words written in Hiragana?”….. You are excellent!

Mainly these words are written in Katakana by Japanese. So you also don’t need to learn Katakana either.

If you need to learn Katakana, check out these steps >>> Step1  Step2

Let’s Learn Katakana: Second Book of Basic Japanese Writing

2. Learn useful phrases

This time, don’t care about the grammar. Just remember lots of useful phrases. Because when you were a kid, Did you talk while thinking about grammar? Probably not. You had to copy from parents or other grownups.

So, just remember some phrases next time 🙂


Can you understand the meaning of these?


If you didn’t understand, check this out >>>>> Here
Also If you want to learn more Japanese words, Check out THIS DVD 😉 We translated the DVD’s contents and you can buy it from UK’s amazon site.

800 Basic Words – Japanese

3. Learn grammar

When you remember lots of useful phrases, then you might notice the grammar rules. Then buy a book on grammar or visit a relevant web site.
The point is only one book or one site. Don’t check out many books. That will end up making you confused.

I won’t show you any recommend stuff this time because you should be able to find them by yourself what you want, specifically. Also, it’s a good idea to get an easy kanji book as well. If you can’t find one, check this site again.

Kanji1  Kanji2  Kanji3  Kanji4

I want to say something also. Don’t learn Japanese from Anime!! Because Anime characters mainly speak in broken and strange Japanese. Enjoying Anime is good but don’t refer from them.


4. Reading NEWS / Using Social media or Apps

If you really love Japan, then You should absolutely check out this site!


NHK is Japan’s national public broadcasting organization. So it’s like a Japanese BBC. This site will help you so much. Also, you will know news of Japan!

And Using Social net(Twitter) or Apps etc and making Japanese friends is good for you 😉

5. Just do it everyday!

Writing Japanese words and sentences, Reading Japanese News, Talking with Japanese friends… Just repeating them everyday. Enjoy your study life 🙂 Good luck!

・If you have some topics that you want our to write or some questions, Let us know in the comment box!

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See you again!!




  1. Learning from anime is good, IF you already have some Japanese language knowledge beforehand. It lets you compare the differences between standard Japanese and the different ways the characters speak. I also find Japanese variety shows to be helpful because while you watch, you can also read what they’re saying. It stimulates both hearing & reading.

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